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Welcome to AEGIS!

Aegis is a re-rolling guild on Neptulon-EU PVP server, Horde side, which aims to do level 60 raids and PvP together. It can only be possible with the help of our members which, if you seek to join, means you must be active. Analyse, our guild's leader, leads the charge to many wipes, glorious premade victories and shiny epics resting on your shoulders. Look around - Aegisians and outsiders alike - and ask yourself: Will YOU be the one to land the killing blow when the other thirty-nine raid members are dead?

Guild News
Other Guild News

Level Limit Raised to 60

GMAnalyse, Feb 17, 11 11:20 AM.
Members are now allowed to reach level 60, after much discussion with some friends. Have a fun time leveling up, we'll see you at level 60!

Also, we may soon be recruiting level 60s.

Level Limit Raised to 10

GMAnalyse, Feb 14, 11 3:07 PM.
Members are now allowed to reach level 10 until we have around 25 members. Please stop at level 10 before continuing. In addition, you can also come on your new character and get an invite to the guild.

Charter Signatures and Specs

GMAnalyse, Feb 13, 11 3:25 PM.
We need a few more charter signatures to get the guild running. Leave a comment on this article and make any Tauren character so I can get the charter signature off of you. Don't come on until 23:00pm GMT+1 today since I'll be in TotFW until then.

In addition, anyone who has applied before this post was created needs to inform us on their chosen spec for their reroll character as a reply to this article.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Aegisadmin, Feb 13, 11 8:23 AM.
Finally, after two hours of configuring this site it's up. Use it wisely, Aegisians!
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